Interior Wallpaints

At your home or offices, traditional walls in the spaces you use every day, now replacing by design walls that inspire the boundaries of imagination, with inspiring textures and effects.
Sandeco offers you new product groups by developing with close to half a century of accumulation and experience with the opportunities provided by advancing technology.

We are bringing the unique designs and effects of nature to your living spaces by means of water-based and acrylic emulsion-based, non-solvent-added mineral paints that are based on water-based and acrylic emulsion based on metallic paints, wall paints and chalk board wall paints.

Water-based, silicone-doped, matte – semi-matte and wipe-resistant wall paints will end your search for a stylish and hygienic wall paint solution in your homes.

You can use our interior wall paints applied on your walls and ceilings with your spraying method for different pleasure and special aesthetic searches, or you can highlight the color and texture differences on the walls by using our long-lasting and water-based classic ceiling paints with matte and semi-matte options.


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