Subject: Understanding the products that require mastery skills in the San Deco effect product group, giving the participants practical experience in finishing techniques, use of stencils, and retouching.

Scope and Target Audience: It is a masterclass program that will cover groups who have received basic decorative paint training or don’t have any previous knowledge regarding decorative paint application but want to specialize in that field. Whether you are a professional painter looking to expand your skills or a DIY enthusiast looking to add some flair to your home, this workshop is just for you.

NOTE: Please comply with the training hours.

Cost: 700$

Payment: After filling out the participation form, our related department will send a payment link to your email address (The link is available for 24 hours). After we receive your payment, the system will make your registration automatically.

Date 1: 16-17 NOVEMBER
Location: Istanbul/Türkiye
Training Duration: 2 days
Training Hours: 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Number of Participants: 6 People
Number of Training Professionals: 4

Products To Be Used;
Effect Product Group: Atracto, Marmarosso Marmorino, Effect Wind.

Coatings: Travertino (with stencils), Decostucco (Two different application techniques)

Details: Providing knowledge of the decorative products in the San Deco product range and providing the technical details of the products that require expertise to be applied. To provide detailed information about finishing techniques, retouching processes, products, and stencil usage techniques.

Promotional Products: San Deco Cloth Bag, San Deco T-shirt, Notebook, Pen, Product Catalog, Color Chart, Application Tools.

Certification: San Deco&Sher Decor Advanced Decorative Paint Certificate

By the end of the Advanced Decorative Paint Masterclass, you will have the knowledge and skills to apply Venetian Plaster Decostucco and other decorative finishes with confidence. This workshop is a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their space with stunning decorative touches.