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Design Academy

We provide training on the application stages of effect paint to our paint masters and various professionals at the San Deco Design Academy. Our academy not only covers the latest design trends but also educate elite masters who can contribute to San Deco’s vision.

San Deco Design Academy has the goal of imparting essential skills and offering in-depth, current knowledge on various effects and functional product categories. Our programs are open to a diverse audience, including architects, professional applicators, ametures looking to enhance their skills, experienced craftsmen, housewifes, university students, and anyone interested in enhancing their living spaces with aesthetics. Participants in San Deco Design Academy programs can explore new ideas, discover fresh patterns and colors, and add value to their living environments.

Our Design Academy Training Area represents a pioneering approach in the industry, offering participants a unique and enjoyable experience through hands-on application of decorative and diverse content products. We believe that learning through practical experience is invaluable, and our specially designed training space aims to provide just that.