San Deco, one of the leading companies in the decorative paint industry, aims to meet the manpower needs in line with its strategic plans and targets, and to ensure the most efficient use and continuity of this power.

Our company operates in accordance with the philosophy of ‘Continuous Improvement’ and firmly believes that the professional and personal development of our employees is among the most crucial factors on our path to growth. To ensure the sustainability of ‘Continuous Development,’ we conduct various training programs with the aim of cultivating an employee profile that wholeheartedly embraces this principle.

While aiming to achieve these goals, we adheres to the principles outlined below:

– Establishing and implementing a system for determining the qualifications of human resources that will enable our company to fulfill its activities effectively and efficiently, and to select and recruit.

– Able to create a safe working environment where processes and practices that are compatible with our vision mission and corporate culture that add value to our company and our employees are implemented.

– To bring new talents that will adapt to our corporate culture in achieving this goal, to San Deco.

– Identifying training programs that aim to gain knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors necessary for the personal and professional development of San Deco employees, and to evaluate the results for the benefit of the company.

– To develop the performance management system that will allow the staff to see the results of their own work in a sense and evaluate the results of their individual success.

– Respecting differences and accepting everyone working at San Deco as equal regardless of ethnic origin, religion, age, gender, nationality. To continue this approach, which started with the employment of the right person for the right job, in accordance with the principles of equal opportunity in other processes such as performance evaluation, training and promotion.

– To employ competent employees in line with our corporate values for the development and continuation of sustainable success.

– To create and implement a career management system that ensures the most effective evaluation of our employees at all levels for the continuous development of the personnel within the organization.

– To provide a work environment where principles such as equality, reliability and honesty are respected for all employees.

– The scope of the works carried out in San Deco, to collect information about human resource requirements and working conditions and to make job analyzes to evaluate this information, to prepare job descriptions in accordance with changing conditions.

– To give direction to the applications to be made by taking the opinions of the employees through surveys and similar means.

– To ensure the formation of “Corporate Culture and Awareness” by meeting the social and cultural needs of the staff.

– To create an understanding of sustainability in employees in order to meet today’s needs in a way that does not reduce the resources of future generations. When planning its strategies, instead of focusing only on short-term solutions, to spread the awareness that will determine its goals by evaluating its environmental and socio-economic dimensions in order to create value in the long term.

– Occupational health and Safety; In our activities, focusing on ensuring occupational health and safety and protecting our natural environment, being respectful to people and the environment, preparing the necessary waste management system for this, developing systems to prevent occupational accidents, taking Occupational Health and Safety and the Environment factor in the foreground in all our works, structuring in a way that can intervene in emergencies against our stakeholders to be transparent.



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