Ideas Drawings and Works on Any Wall Surface

Chalkboards, which is a nostalgic educational panel for most of us, were actually never out of fashion, and their retro look was almost never out of our lives with handwriting and drawings. But this writing and sketching area, which has become a trend in recent years, is in front of us as an almost timeless decoration item. Before we saw the attention and value it deserves by entering into our homes, it appeared as classic wall-mounted blackboards in tiny and cute cafeterias. Whatever happened has happened in the last few years: when raw materials, nostalgic pieces in decoration and flexibility in their use – the possibility to reflect creativity – came to the fore, we started to see the surfaces we could write and draw as a design element in spaces.

Writing panels, which we want to use frequently in offices, workplaces and children’s rooms, and even consider them as a necessity, are also used in Meeting and Conference Halls Activity Areas and Kindergarten, expanding the limits of creativity and expression. Although smaller-sized whiteboards are still preferred to take daily notes in working environments and cafe decoration, share ideas and brainstorm the menu of the day to write product prices, chalkboard paints are a very useful option to use walls effectively. You can make a reliable application with  Sandeco Chalkboard  for the desired size chalkboard effect by framing in the specified area. For those who find standard black chalkboard effects boring and outdated, again thanks to the color alternatives of the San Deco catalog, you can carry the avant-garde touches in children’s rooms, nurseries, activity areas and even your living rooms. If you have an artist who likes to sketch, you will enjoy personalizing your decoration by revealing your creativity in living spaces. Chalkboard wall paint, which is resistant to water and wiping, is odorless and sensitive to human health. With this product, where you can take the notes you want with chalk and make drawings, you can bring the combination of nostalgia and modern decoration to any place you want.

San Deco Writewall, which is another environmentally friendly product that does not contain solvent and VOCs and is also sensitive to human health, completes the pre-drying phase within 1 hour and becomes ready for use after 24 hours. You can reflect your work by using markers on this product, which gives you the chance to carry the whiteboard concept, which is mostly preferred in meeting areas and classrooms, to large surfaces in your study rooms and offices. You can have this modern effect that will revitalize your visual perception by adding an additional surface to your work area on the useful walls that you will define. If you want to listen to your dreams and the voice of your inner child in unusual decoration ideas, all you need is a little courage and paints that allow you to use the surface you choose from the San Deco catalog.