All About Pearl Paint Application

All About Pearlescent Paint Pearl Effect Application

You can find everything about pearlescent paint pearl effect application in this content, including questions such as what is pearlescent paint, how to apply pearlescent paint, how to clean pearlescent paint and what are the trendiest pearlescent paint colors for 2021.

What is Pearslecent Paint Pearl Effect?

Pearlescent paint is a type of top coat interior  effect paint  such as  metallic paint  and  glitter paint  and takes its name from the pearlescent pigments it contains. Thanks to these pearlescent pigments, the paint varies according to the light. It is applied on walls, plaster, exposed concrete and wooden surfaces with a suitable primer.

What are Sandeco Pearlescent Paint Pearl Effect Features?

You can see pearlescent paint types in Sandeco interior paints. Sandeco pearlescent paint pearl effect features are:

● Containing pearlescent pigments make the wall shine in the light and change color according to the angle of the light,

● It is washable,

● It is permeable, therefore it allows the surface to breathe and can expel moisture,

● It is a water-based interior paint and does not smell,

● It is not harmful to human health due to its low volatile organic compound structure,

● It is certified,

● Thanks to the dense structure of the paint, it allows different pattern application

● It leaves a pleasant scent thanks to its perfumed feature. You can get more detailed information on  Arista‘s own product page, which is one of Sandeco pearlescent paints, and watch a video of how to make pearlescent paint pearl effect.

How to Pearslecent Paint Pearl Effect Application?

Before starting the application of pearlescent paint, the surface preparation should be completed. The wall on which the paint will be applied must be smooth and clean. Putty or sandpaper can be applied according to the structure of the wall and then primer paint can be applied. Pearlescent paint is the top coat finishing paint. It is recommended that the undercoat or primer be water-based.

When the paint box is first opened, the paint should be mixed thoroughly with the help of a spatula. Since pearlescent paint has a dense consistency, it must be mixed and homogeneous. If the person who will paint is not experienced in this field, he should definitely try on a small surface and get his hand used to painting and creating patterns. A floor cover can be used to prevent the paint from splashing around, and masking tape to paint without crossing the border.

The application method and the application tool to be used vary according to how you want to apply the pearlescent paint. If the effect will not be given, only pearlescent paint will be applied and left to dry, the paint should be applied from top to bottom with the help of a roller or brush and the brush should not be moved back and forth. Otherwise, the texture of the paint will deteriorate and a homogeneous image cannot be provided. A dry surface with plain paint can be patterned with pearlescent paint with different or the same color. An effect buffer or sponge can be used to do this. In addition, after applying pearlescent paint, it is another type of pearlescent paint application to pass over it with an effect buffer or sponge while the paint is still wet.

In this method, two people can work together to apply on large surfaces. While one person is applying the paint, the other person can shape it with a sponge or effect buffer before the paint dries.

How to Clean Pearlescent Paint?

Cleaning of pearlescent paint can be done in two different ways, the first is the cleaning of the paint that comes to the unwanted surfaces while painting, and the other is the cleaning of the wall on which pearlescent paint is applied. It is recommended to clean the paint dripped or splashed on the unwanted surface with the help of a cloth or sponge before it dries. The material to be used in cleaning may vary depending on the surface. If the paint is wet, it can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth with mild detergent. The surface where pearlescent paint is applied should be treated very carefully. The wall on which pearlescent paint is applied is not as smooth as in plain paint. We do not want to spoil this texture and change the color while cleaning. So, how should pearlescent paint be cleaned? We can clean it with a wet cloth on the dry wall. We should avoid cleaning materials such as bleach and vinegar that can corrode the surface. It will be sufficient to use a damp cloth instead. An experiment can be done on a part of the wall that is not visible. Both the color of the paint and the cloth itself are checked, if there is no undesirable situation, the cleaning can be done on the entire wall.

Trend Colors for Pearlescent Paint Pearl Effect

While choosing pearlescent paint pearl effect color for the wall, of course, the furniture and furniture that will be used in the space should also be taken into consideration. Because it is important that the interior wall and decoration are harmonious. The most trendy pearlescent paint pearl effect colors in 2021 are pastel tones. Pastel yellow, blue, green and orange are the most preferred pearlescent paint pearl effect colors in 2021. You can also choose vibrant colors for your decoration.  Sandeco Arista  pearlescent paint’s catalogue has more options for both pastel and vibrant colors.