Sandeco - Decoplas



Decoplas is applied to properly prepared interior mineral surfaces, including rough cast, concrete, cement sheet, plaster panel surfaces, and previously painted surfaces.



– Easy to clean.

– Provides high coverage.

– Highly vapour permeable, it enables the vapour to be thrown out and allows the surface to breathe.

– Water-based, scentless; it is harmless for human health and environment.



After removing all kinds of dirt, oil, blistered paint, and dust from the application surfaces, surface defects should be corrected using San Deco Acrylic Putty Interior. Previously painted or surfaces to be painted should be primed with San Deco Uniprimer.


-Before application, dilute Decoplas with a maximum of 20% fresh water and mix it thoroughly.

-Apply 2 coats with a roller, brush, or spraying method, and wait a minimum of 4 hours before applying the second layer.

-Maintain the application environment between +5°C and +35°C during and within 24 hours after application.


Allow 4-5 hours for touch dry and 24 hours for complete drying at 23°C environmental conditions.


Depending on the surface smoothness, its porosity and the application methods, for a single coat application:

  • 1 liter of paint covers an area of 12,5 – 16 m².
  • 1 kg of paint covers an area of 8,0 – 9,5 m².
  • The paint consumption for 1m² area is: 65 – 80 ml and 105-125 grams (g).