Sandeco - Acrylic Putty Interior

Acrylic Putty Interior


Acrylic Putty Interior is employed as a base layer material for smoothing rough surfaces, including concrete and mineral plaster, as well as for addressing issues like blistering and defects in older painted surfaces.

Acrylic Putty Interior


-High adhesion and excellent suction capability.

-Easy to spread and apply, reducing paint consumption and waste.

-Minimal chalkiness during the sanding process.

-Achieves a smooth surface with a maximum of 2 coats.

-Water-based, ensuring it is safe for both human health and the environment.



Clean the application surface thoroughly, removing any dirt, oil, blistered paint, and dust.


-Before applying Acrylic Putty Interior, make sure to mix it thoroughly.

-Apply it with a steel trowel, using one or two coats depending on the surface roughness.

-After 24 hours, smooth out any defects or trowel marks on the surface with sandpaper.

-Ensure that the environment remains between +5°C to +35°C during and after the application for 24 hours.


Allow 4-6 hours for the touch to dry and 24 hours for complete drying at an environment temperature of 23°C.


Depending on surface smoothness, porosity and application methods, for a single coat application;

  • 1 lt covers 3,0– 5,8 m² of surface.
  • 1 kg covers 1,7– 3,3 m²  of surface.
  • The paint consumption for 1 m² area is 170 -340 ml and 300 – 600 grams (g).