Sandeco - Uniprimer



It is used as the primer of acrylic based paint and plaster material applied on mineral surfaces such as any type of concrete, aerated concrete, pressed bricks or finishing coat.



-Mitigates the surface’s absorption capacity, thereby reducing paint consumption.

-Exhibits strong adhesive properties.

-Acts as a crucial intermediary between the final coating and mineral surfaces like various concrete types, aerated concrete, pressed bricks, and surfaces prone to dusting and high absorption, such as satin plaster or plasterboard.

-Can be tinted with a chosen color if needed.

-Being water-based, ithas no harm to human health or the environment.

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After cleaning the surface from dirt, grease, blistered paint, and dust, any surface irregularities should be smoothed using San Deco Acrylic Putty Interior or Exterior.


– Before application, Uniprimer should be diluted with clean water at a ratio of 20-25% by volume and thoroughly mixed.

-It should then be applied as a single coat using a roller, brush, or spraying system.

-The application environment must be maintained at a temperature between +5°C and +35°C for 24 hours during and after the application.


Allow 4-5 hours for the paint to become touch dry, and wait for a full 24 hours for it to completely dry under 23˚C environmental conditions.


Depending on the smoothness of the surface, its porosity, and the application method, for a single coat application:

  • 1 liter covers an area of 11.5 – 14.5 m².
  • 1 kilogram covers an area of 7.6 – 9.0 m².
  • The paint consumption for 1 m² area is 70 – 85 ml and 110 – 130 grams (g).