Sandeco - Beton Contact

Beton Contact


Beton Contact is applied to enhance the adhesion of gypsum plaster and similar lime-gypsum mortars to exposed concrete surfaces.

Beton Contact


-Provides strong adhesion to the surface.

-Penetrates exposed concrete effectively, creating a suitable foundation for other application materials.

-Being water-based, it is safe for both human health and the environment.



Clean the application surface thoroughly by removing any dirt, oil, blistered paint, or dust. Additionally, address any surface defects if present.


-Before application, dilute Beton Contact with 40-45% water and ensure thorough mixing.

-Apply the product using a roller.

-Begin the plaster or gypsum application 24 hours after the application of Beton Contact.

-Maintain an environment with a temperature between +5°C and +35°C for 24 hours during and after the application.


Allow 5-6 hours for the paint to become touch dry, and wait for a full 24 hours for it to completely dry under 23˚C environmental conditions.


The paint consumption for a single coat application depends on surface smoothness, porosity, and application methods as follows:

  • 1 liter covers an area of 5.5 – 11.0 m².
  • 1 kilogram covers an area of 3.0 – 6.5 m².
  • The paint consumption for 1m² area is 90 – 180 ml and 150 – 330 grams (gr).